Steve Smith London Stone: London Heart (the outsider) fragment of London stock brick reclaimed from the banks of the Thames, water from Venice lagoon in glass jar, lamp, table, dimensions variable 2011

Danny Pockets Trachea Found Objects and Sound. Dimensions inc. plinth 30cm x 30cm x 143 cm. 2011

Forge & Cutter “Can I take your order?” Paper coffee cups, stickers, dimensions variable 2011

Karen Winzer Greetings from Venice 1000 postcards spread all over Venetian postcard-shops, postcard rack, dimensions variable 2011

Karen Ay Swarm remnants of an East London telephone directory, dimensions variable 2011

Liz Sheridan Glacial Pebbles Pebbles from East Finchley, North London glacial plateau, cardboard gift boxes, dimensions variable 2011

Cedric Christie U has to trust the i Credit cards in glass and wooden box (ed 99) 50cm x 30cm x 4cm; 2011

Helene Kazan Masking Tape / Light Intervention:Lebanon 1989 – 002 Film 2011

Vanya Balogh SLIP 6 23 photographs, 40cm X 90 cm 2011

Tracey Bush Primroses C type print mounted on aluminium, 62 cm X 52 cm 2007

Toni Parpan & Manuel Kämpfer rifiuto Waste bin 33 x 39 x 36 cm 2011

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